Get your active life back, sooner

What is Radlink Technology?

Radlink is a non-invasive navigation system that uses AI-based image analysis software to verify proper implant positioning and alignment during your surgery. Radlink assists your surgeon in the operating room by providing measurements and data catered to your unique anatomy, allowing them to make critical adjustments that may improve the outcome of your procedure.

By using real intraoperative imaging analysis, rather than a computer simulated model, Radlink software creates a roadmap to guide your surgeon to ensure your implant fits perfectly within your body and your anatomy is properly aligned before you leave the operating room. Our platform does not require any invasive pins or arrays to be placed in your body.

Radlink technology has been clinically validated in over 20,000 documented cases and proven to improve the outcome of your procedure. Read the clinical documentation here.

Radlink increases confidence, efficiency and supports minimally invasive techniques, so you may have a faster surgery, a quicker recovery and can get your active life back, sooner.

  • Clinically Proven Results:
    • Enhance the precision of your implant positioning
    • Accurately restore leg lengths
    • Improve postoperative clinical outcomes
    • Maximize implant lifetimes
    • Decrease surgical time
    • Increase recovery time
  • Benefits of a Radlink-Assisted Surgery may include:
    • Superior surgical outcomes
    • Faster recovery times
    • Minimal post-operative pain
    • Reduced risk of dislocation and implant wear
    • Shortened surgery time
    • Reduced radiation exposure
    • Longer implant lifetimes
    • Reduced length of hospital stay