Panoramic Fluoro

Fluoroscopic Distortion Correction Technology

Panoramic Fluoro software, the first and only patented technology to correct the effects of parallax distortion from fluoroscopic images, allows surgeons to obtain a reliable full anatomical image from any C-arm. This innovative stitching software automatically accounts for and corrects radiographic parallax distortion to expand the field of view by stitching together multiple images in real time.

Pano technology enhances precision and accuracy when compared to single-shot AP images or eyeball measurements, which may be unreliable due to image distortion. Stitched images provide superior image quality that supports surgeons and radiologists through a full range of surgical procedures, regardless of the size of the detector.

  • Panoramic Pelvis: Obtain a full, reliable AP Pelvis image from any C-arm during THA and PAO
    • Enhances workflow efficiency for anterior approach surgeons compared to single-shot AP or printing x-rays to manually overlay
    • Allows posterior approach surgeons to use fluoroscopy

  • Pano Stitching for Spine
    • Visualize and reconstruct the anatomy during complex spine procedures
    • Minimizes radiation exposure to the patient and surgeon

  • Pano for Trauma: Advanced stitching of hip, knee and ankle for full anatomic recreation
    • Combines images of the hip, knee, and ankle with the use of an electronic rules to check alignment and leg length
    • Provides a visual recreation of the anatomy during complex trauma, osteotomy and limb lengthening




Total Hip Arthroplasty

Periacetabular Osteotomy