Surgeon’s Checklist® Hip

Achieve Optimal Implant Positioning Using Smart Image Guidance

Surgeon’s Checklist® Hip provides preoperative case planning, intraoperative imaging analysis and surgical guidance tools to evaluate alignment and verify component positioning during primary Total Hip Arthroplasty and Revision Surgery.

Surgeons can obtain real-time feedback and patient-specific measurements to confirm proper implant positioning and anatomical alignment before the patient leaves the operating room. This quantitative feedback guides the surgeon and facilitates data-driven decisions that allow them to meet their target goal and achieve optimal patient outcomes.

  • Patient-specific measurement tools for
    • Cup position
    • True inclination and anteversion
    • Offset
    • Limb length correction
    • Pelvic Tilt
    • Spinopelvic relationships
    • Functional standing, supine and seated cup position
    • Femoral component sizing and positioning
    • Screw placement
    • Intraoperative templating, alter different implant parameters and simulate the ideal outcome
  • Non-invasive, no pins or arrays in patient, no disposables or instruments required
  • Open platform system, compatible with all implant brands and surgical approaches
  • Scientifically validated in clinical studies to
    • Improve accuracy and precision in component positioning
    • Ensure consistent, reproducible results with millimeter-measurement accuracy
    • Reduce risk of dislocation & hospital-readmission
    • Maximize longevity of implants
    • Minimize need for revision surgery
  • Radlink Remote virtual case support
    • Need a virtual rep in the room? Our team can log in from anywhere in the world to operate software and support a case remotely