PACS, EMR, Citrix Integration

Create a Digital Imaging Ecosystem

From the operating room to the private office, Radlink’s Radiology Suite of Digital Pro Imaging Software tools are designed to enhance your imaging workflow. Compatible with any existing imaging equipment for seamless image acquisition and fully integrated with PACS or your EMR/Citrix system to easily send images between locations.

CITRIX/EMR Integration

Radlink data analysis software tracks patient metrics throughout the entire episode of care and securely stores the data on the Radlink system, doctor’s private office, Hospital PACS or CITRIX/EMR system. Preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively, Radlink data allows the surgeon to measure valuable insights that facilitate long term patient treatment and recovery.

Radlink Pro Imaging software has been certified by Citrix for integration compatibility, view the listing on the Citrix Ready Market Place for additional information:


ThinPACS for Image Archiving and Communication

ThinPACS is an intuitive, feature-rich PACS that integrates seamlessly into any existing EMR system. Our PACS is the ideal solution for multi-location, multi-physician and multi-modality clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. ThinPACS is compatible with most DICOM viewing workstations, including leading 3D volumetric visualization solutions. With capacities from 1TB to tens of terabytes, ThinPACS provides imaging centers, private practices and hospitals with a comprehensive, reliable archiving solution.

  • Image Archive Features:
    • DICOM compliant. Key DICOM services include DICOM Receive, Query/Retrieve, Storage Commit and Modality Worklist
    • Integration with existing HIS/EMR via HL7 interface
    • Flexible and robust rule-based image routing
    • User-specific worklist support
    • Flexible report templates in MS Word, HTML, or DICOM SR
    • Automatic incremental back-up over the network or external storage device
    • DICOM CD/DVD import and archival
    • Fully programmable, event-driven email notification
    • Remote system monitoring
  • Web-Enabled DICOM Viewer:
    • Powerful WEB-enabled diagnostic viewer allowing physicians to easily search or sort patient studies
    • With user-specific worklist, manipulate images, edit reports with a template-based editor, and print to films with full set of configurable parameters
    • Multi-modality support
    • Rapid image manipulation and display
    • Full set of measurements and annotation tools
    • Template-based report editing
    • Burn CD/DVD with built-in DICOM viewer