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Radlink’s technical support program is among the best in the industry. All of our products are backed by a one-year parts and service warranty, which can be extended up to five years. Unlike our competitors who require you to go through multiple emails, we provide immediate direct phone access to our knowledgeable technical support staff. If we can’t solve the problem remotely we’ll send someone to your site the next business day so you can get back to the business of medicine.


Windows 7 to 10 Computer System Upgrade

Radlink is offering a Windows 10 computer upgrade for all GPS systems. As of January 14th, 2020 Microsoft is no longer providing security updates or supporting Windows 7 Operating Systems. If you are operating a GPS system running Windows 7 O/S, Radlink strongly recommends upgrading to Windows 10.


Windows Updates

Radlink’s policy is to test all Windows Updates that are released by Microsoft. Once these updates have been tested and verified, Radlink will provide recommendations for customers to install Critical and Important updates. If you would like assistance from Radlink to install Windows updates or would like to receive updates on future updates, please email


Radlink Remote

We’re creating a Virtual Operating Room, one remote case at a time. Our expert teams are available to log in to a case from anywhere in the world and run our software remotely. Now, you can always have a virtual rep in the room.


User Manuals and Troubleshooting

00.09-008 Rev. J – Radlink GPS User Manual (Rev. 4.0)

For GPS Technical Specifications, see p. 4

For Preventative Maintenance, see p. 12

00.09-013 Rev. E – Radlink GPS Tablet User Manual

00.09-014 Rev. C – Radlink Wireless C-Arm Kit User Manual

00.09-007 Rev. Q – GPS, DR Pro User Guide For Radiological Imaging – Ver 3.8

Information Technology & Information Security FAQ


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