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For Surgeons.

Tools to help you do what you do, even better.

Radlink-Assisted Surgery provides a dedicated set of tools and software solutions to streamline your surgical workflow and support you and your patients throughout the entire episode of care.

From preoperative case planning to intraoperative guidance &verification, to postoperative analysis & telerehab, Radlink technology seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. Our open platform system is compatible with all implant brands, surgical approaches and workflows, so you can always find your fit.

With Radlink, the surgery stays in your hands. No drastic learning curves, no restrictions in achieving better patient outcomes.

  • Clinical Benefits:
    • Hit your target goal and eliminate surgical outliers
    • Clinically proven to improve accuracy and precision
    • Non-invasive, does not require pins or arrays in patient
    • Reduce radiation exposure to surgeon & patient
    • Increase speed of procedure, shortens OR time

Before I'd accept anything other than disaster.
Now I'll accept nothing less than perfection.

— Robert L. Barrack, MD

President of the Hip Society
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Washington University, St. Louis
Barnes-Jewish Medical Center, St. Louis, MO

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