Surgeon’s Checklist® Trauma

Confirm Proper Alignment, Positioning, Accuracy of Correction

Surgeon’s Checklist® TRAUMA provides an efficient and accurate imaging workflow and dedicated set of alignment tools that allow surgeons to accurately evaluate and recreate a patient’s anatomy during a full range of complex trauma procedures.

Intraoperative assessment of alignment, MPTA and LDFA angle measurements and image stitching allow the surgeon to create the full anatomy confirm accuracy of correction and reduce patient radiation exposure.

  • Leg stitching: Pano stitching combines images of hip, knee and ankle with the use of an electronic ruler to check alignment, leg length and provide a visual recreation of the anatomy that guides the surgeon intraoperatively
  • Image overlay: Edge detection to identify bony landmarks automatically, check rotation, leg position, implant and screws placement preop vs intraop
  • Angle tool: Measure the angles of any object
  • Ruler: With a single mouse click, stitch contiguous images autonomously with built-in calibration for accurate length measurements, check length and distance between any two objects, or relationship between objects




Complex Trauma

Limb Lengthening


Femoral/Tibial Fracture Alignment

Fracture reduction

Deformity correction