GPS Tower

Streamlining Mobile Image Guidance

GPS Tower is our 4th-Generation hardware platform that offers a versatile, sleek and durable design to facilitate the transition towards a digital OR environment. Featuring a light-weight mobile computer cart, dual 24″ touch screen monitors and built-in embedded PACS, you can wirelessly acquire, transfer and display images in 4 seconds from anywhere in the OR or from any connected network device.

  • Mobility
    • Self-contained standalone unit for enhanced IT security
    • Lightweight Cesium wireless 14" x 17" Flat Panel Detector
    • Uninterruptible power supply to provide power when the unit is transferred to different operating rooms
  • Versatility
    • Seamlessly integrates into any existing surgical workflow to maximize OR efficiency
    • No need to break scrub, use sterile forceps to interact with software
    • Stream preop images from clinic or office to OR without using hospital PACS
  • Compatibility
    • Compatible with any existing imaging equipment, including any C-arm or mobile x-ray unit on the market
    • Radlink Remote access allows us to be online to run case remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Accessories: Bucky & Grid

GPS Trauma Tower


The Radlink GPS Trauma Tower delivers the Surgeon’s Checklist® software in a device specifically designed for Trauma procedures. Featuring a 34” ultra-wide monitor, surgeons can fully view stitched images of longer bones, which can then be measured and evaluated through the Trauma workflow of the software. The accompanying radiopaque rulers provide calibration and measurement capabilities to support the accuracy and efficiency of the procedure.