Radlink, Inc. Granted US Patent for Fluoroscopic Distortion Correction Technology

El Segundo, (August 18, 2020) – Radlink, Inc., a global leader in intraoperative surgical imaging technology that enables accurate implant positioning during joint replacement procedures, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Patent 10,650,561 Composite Radiographic Image that Corrects Effects of Parallax Distortion for it's Panoramic Fluoro technology. Panoramic Fluoro software, the first and only patented technology to correct the effects of parallax distortion from fluoroscopic images, allows surgeons to obtain a reliable full anatomical image from any C-arm, regardless of brand, model or the size of the detector. Pano technology enhances precision and accuracy when compared to single-shot AP images or eyeball measurements, which may be unreliable due to image distortion.

"Intraoperative fluoroscopic imaging provides a valuable tool for evaluating patient positioning, but parallax distortion can make traditional eyeball measurements unreliable," said Thomas T Hacking, Chairman, President and CEO, Radlink, Inc. "Panoramic Fluoro software enhances the image, accounting for and automatically correcting this distortion, and provides accurate and precise measurements in real time that ensure optimal implant placement.”

Panoramic Fluoro was developed in 2016 in collaboration with Roy Davidovitch, MD, Assistant Professor and Orthopedic Surgeon at NYU Langone Hospital for Joint Disease, to solve the longstanding problem for Hip Arthroplasty surgeons using the Anterior Approach of obtaining reliable fluoroscopic images when analyzing a single-shot or partial view of the pelvis. Pano applications for the hip have expanded to support Posterior approach surgeons using C-arm in the operating room for the first time with a reliable full AP pelvis view, and periacebatular osteotomy for hip preservation. Pano applications for Trauma procedures, including long bone reduction, osteotomy and limb lengthening, utilize advanced stitching of the hip, knee and ankle for full anatomic recreation. Pano for Spine stitching allows for visualization and reconstruction of the anatomy while reducing radiation exposure.

Pano image stitching is an advanced, add-on feature of the Surgeon's Checklist® Hip platform, which provides AI-enabled preoperative case planning, intraoperative imaging analysis and surgical guidance tools to evaluate alignment and verify component positioning during primary Total Hip Arthroplasty and Revision Surgery. Surgeons can obtain real-time feedback and patient-specific measurements intra-operatively to verify proper implant positioning before the patient leaves the operating room. Radlink technology is non-invasive, open platform to work with any brand of implants and validated in clinical studies to improve accuracy, precision and surgical efficiency.

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