Radlink, Inc. Launches Intraoperative 3D Software for Spinopelvic Mobility Assessment

El Segundo, (June 1, 2021) – Radlink, Inc., a global leader in surgical guidance technology, announced the launch of Radlink3D, an intraoperative software to evaluate patient-specific functional cup positions and address pelvic tilt and spinopelvic mobility during total hip replacement surgery.

Radlink3D technology evaluates pelvic tilt difference to provide patient-specific functional cup angles for the pelvic orientation in different postures (i.e supine, standing, sitting). This groundbreaking technology uses 3D-2D-3D Registration to preoperatively plan, intraoperatively verify and postoperatively validate cup position depending on pelvic positioning. By assessing the spinal pelvic relationship on lateral standing and sitting x-rays, surgeons can derive the recommended target abduction and anteversion for functional (standing) pelvic position. Together with Radlink3D, surgeons are now able to verify functional cup positions based on any intraoperative x-rays with unprecedent accuracy.

"The newest feature of a revolutionary 2D to 3D image transformation application, designed through the creative application of AI, demonstrates Radlink's continued leadership in the field of intra-operative image acquisition and analysis," said Brad L Penenberg, MD, Division Chief of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

Radlink3D enhances the Surgeon’s Checklist® Hip platform, a non-invasive surgical guidance system that provides preoperative planning, intraoperative AI imaging analysis and verification of component positioning in joint replacement, hip preservation, trauma, spine and sports medicine procedures. Surgeons can obtain real-time feedback and patient specific measurements intraoperatively to verify proper implant positioning and anatomical alignment before the patient leaves the operating room. Radlink’s patented AI-enabled technology seamlessly integrates into any surgeon’s existing workflow, is completely non-invasive to the patient and has been validated in clinical studies to improve accuracy, precision and efficiency during surgery.

About Radlink, Inc.

Radlink, Inc. is a leading medical device manufacturer, specializing in the development of innovative medical imaging technology, orthopedic surgical guidance systems and AI-enabled software solutions. Radlink offers an extensive portfolio of intelligent image-based products for orthopedics, radiology and private physician offices that support medical professionals and their patients throughout the entire episode of care. All Radlink products are conceptualized and developed in collaboration with our esteemed surgeon advisory team partners, consisting of the industry’s most highly regarded physicians and thought leaders. For more information, please visit www.radlink.com.